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Inflation is Coming Series - Unleash The Beast (firs release)

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For Centuries, the citizens of USAsteros basked in the warmth of a stable currency and steady economic growth.  Foreigners journeyed to America; landing from across the sea to enjoy the summer that would never end.  

But over time, the people became complacent; ceding control of the Iron Republic to a small group Bankisters.  The coin of the realm was gradually replaced with paper "money", wooing the people with their trademark phrase "A Bankister Always Pays His Debts". Little did they know, it was merely their own deception that gave the currency its imaginary value.

As the illusion of the paper money swept over the people's minds, they continued to trade all of their silver for paper.  Meanwhile, the Dark King and his Whitewalkers descended upon the capitol; ushering in unfathomable hyperinflation, and crushing the peasants who had failed to prepare.

All had seemed lost and there was much grief and poverty amongst the people.  Our great USAsteros had fallen; and it had fallen hard.  Yet a light remained; there were a few who had noticed the theft of all true assets as it was taking place by the malicious alliance of the King and the Bankisters.  Today, the are known as the Knights of the Silver Trade.  These brave few have valiantly forged a new currency that promises to hold strong during these dark times.

Together we can unite in the cause to free ourselves from the tyranny of this Beast!  Now is the time to fight back and gather all the coins we can!  We must be ready!  The Wall has fallen and the Walkers are marching.  Make no mistake, dear citizens of the USAsteros...INFLATION IS COMING!

Mint Generic - Various
Year 2021
Country United States
Weight 1oz
Purity 999
Status Active

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